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What is the procedure for getting new windows, doors and conservatories installed?

Please call or email us, and we will start the ball rolling. We will come and look at the job, talk to you about your requirements before suggesting solutions and ideas. We’ll then take basic measurements so we can send you a quote. We don’t have sales people in the company and we give you all the advice you require. We also have a building side to the company so we can offer advice on all aspects of your building needs. Once the quote has been accepted, a fitter will visit your premises to carry out a full survey. At this stage you can still change your mind on all aspects of the job, right up until we place the order. Once the order is in, we agree with you a fitting date, and complete the work.

Are there other colours than white?

Yes, there are many colours you can have for windows, doors and conservatories. Some are stock colours like Rosewood or Anthracite Grey and are available with the same lead time as white frames. Others, such as Chartwell Green will take a little more time. However these colours are definitely worth the wait. We will bring the sample colours together with pictures of what they look like to your introductory meeting, if you desire. We offer a range of different UPVC styles as well, so that for example any new windows will complement existing older windows, or you could opt for a more traditional style for older properties.

Can I have a UPVC window style to match my older style property to replace my wooden windows?

Yes this is completely possible. There is a new flush system on the market which looks just like a wooden window, but has all the benefits of UPVC. The plastic even has a grain pattern on it to look like real wood. The frames are available in the same range of colours as the standard UPVC frames. We think it is stunning and should be put in all houses!

What are U values and what are the U values of your windows?

A U value is a measure of heat loss in a building element such as a window, door or roof. It measures how well parts of the building transfer heat. This means that the higher the U value the worse the thermal performance of the building. A low U value usually indicates high levels of insulation. The U values of our windows and doors vary, but are all engineered to give the maximum heat insulation possible, depending on their design. C rated glass has a higher U value than the new Matrix 70 energy saving windows used in triple glazing, which can be as low as 0.8. Doors also can vary from 1.0 to 1.6. – it all depends on style and design of the products.

How secure are my doors and windows?

We offer the Secure by Design system on most of our windows and doors. This includes the strongest and most reinforced mechanics available for components such as hinges, cylinders, latches and gearing. This is the most secure system on the market at the moment, and if requested we are happy to put it into all of your new windows and doors to ensure you have a good night’s sleep….

Do I have to clean my UPVC windows?

Your windows are virtually maintenance free, but benefit from a yearly service. (The glass needs cleaning more often with a specialist glass cleaner). The frames should be washed down with soapy water only. The mechanical components (handles, hinges, locks etc) should be checked regularly, and if damaged, your supplier should come out to repair or replace them. If you have them, the trickle vents should be checked for blockages and kept open. Your conservatory should have its gutters and roof cleaned, but don’t tread on the roof, for your sake and the roofs! If you need more information please see our blog: How to maintain your UPVC windows.

How environmentally friendly are my windows?

Imagine choosing a UPVC window which actively helps the environment – not only by using less of the world’s resources and fossil fuels, but also by re-using materials which might otherwise have been dumped into landfill. Now you can, with the Veka Infinity window system. This new system utilises a revolutionary frame profile made with nearly 80% recycled and purified PVC-U – but with 100% the same performance as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The UPVC has a core of recycled material and an outer skin of virgin plastic. Your windows will last around 30 – 40 years before needing to be replaced. The plastic can be recycled up to ten times, making your windows last 300 years! Infinity is the first choice for homeowners everywhere who have learned that you do not need to compromise on standards to do your bit for your future generations.

Will new windows help to reduce the condensation in my house?

Condensation is not caused by your windows or doors, it just appears there due to external and internal pressures and temperatures. It also shows that there is a lot of water vapour being created in your house. KJN can help you solve this by putting extractor fans in the kitchen and bathrooms. However, a double or triple glazed unit with high specification glass such as the soft coat low emissivity glass will help, as the internal glass temperature will remain higher, due to better insulation, and will not show condensation until lower temperatures are reached.

Do I need planning permission for my conservatory?

Conservatories come under permitted development, which means they do not need planning permission providing you adhere to the following conditions, and your deeds allow permitted development (for some new houses, this has been waived, as initial permission was required to build the houses in the first place).


  • Must not cover more than 50% of the size of the original house
  • Must not be built fronting a highway
  • Must not include any verandas, balconies or raised platforms
  • Must not be higher than the highest part of the existing roof
  • Must not be more than 4 metres high



  • Be wider than half the width of the original house
  • Have eaves higher than three metres if within two metres of a boundary



  • Extend more than three metres beyond the rear wall of the original attached house and not more than four metres if it is a detached house
  • Have eaves higher than three metres if within two metres of a boundary
  • If you have a different plan for your conservatory that does not adhere to these conditions, then planning permission is required. These conditions are correct as at March 2015
How soon can I have my windows, doors and conservatories?

Once you have approved the quote and an order is placed, we need to come and do a full survey, which will be done quickly, depending on the number of windows required. The order is then placed with our supplier.

If you require the standard white UPVC frame and white handles, the lead time is 2 to 3 weeks. If other colours are required, the times can vary from three to four weeks onwards.

Can I use my conservatory all year round?

Modern conservatories are built with insulated bases and cavity walls. The glass in the windows should be soft coat low emissivity glass with 90% argon gas, with a thermally efficient roof with anti-sun glass. This means that with a bit of heating the conservatory is very comfortable in the winter and the anti-sun glass stops it getting too hot in the summer.

I hope these have answered your questions, if not please call us…. we are always here…

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